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Concept of Business

The concept of business is to put priority on customer satisfaction and new product development. In order to make the company stronger, hope to have the complete supply chain and to stronger subordinate willingness to company. To execute ISO Quality system control, so that to fulfill “Green Recycle” campaign and continue to match and step forward to world recycle so that it goes together with environment.

View of Business

Quality . Creative. Services . Recycl

Company History

1986 Start business with NT$ 5000000
1989 Set up 2nd assembly factory at Ton-Shiao in Taiwan
1990 Set up extra factory with L.H.Co (Hong Kong) which located at Shenzhen, China
1993 Set up main office in Taipei. Purchase office and factory.
1994 Planning for moving to Shenzhen. 1995 set up 10 production lines and started operation on1st season of 1996
1996 Set up company with Jye-Tai which located at Shanghai. Giving services to Shanghai customers.
1997 Shenzhen factory get ISO-9002 certification approval on 1st season of 1997.
1999 Production lines increase to 15. Planning for new factory on the same year.
2000 Setup new factory which the name is JHEN VEI ELECTRONIC CO., LTD. Capitals increased to NT$ 13000000.
2002 Merging with Su Zohu factory, capitals increased to NT$ 35000000.
2003 Investment to CCFL of TFT LCD, Production of 133. Plan to invest on RF Cable. Get ISO9001:2000 certification approval. Move to Tao Yuen Jan same year.
  2003 get approval from Sony Japan “Green Part Partner”. It is equals to RoHS.
2004 Director meeting
2005 Expand TFT LCD production lines and decrease capitals. Extra purchase on factory of NanKan and JiangXi of China cable factory
  Dec 2005 ISO-14000 certification
2006 $50,000 thousand for the cash capital increase, the amount of capital increased to $355,000 thousand.。
  Dimensional vibration set up Huaian Electronics Co., Ltd., to expand cable production of the product group。
  FSC Securities and Futures Bureau approved the public offering of stock, cabinet approval to buy the Center Login Emerging Stock。
  Surplus capital for 35,500 thousand to employees to increase dividend to 8,628 thousand, the amount of capital increased to 399,128 thousand。
2007 Huaian Electronics Co., Ltd. set up a vibration-dimensional wire draw lines to connect offices, into the upper reaches of the material production。
  Surplus capital for 19,956 thousand to employees to increase dividends 7,500 thousand, 70,000 thousand of cash capital increase, the amount of capital increased to 496,584 thousand.
  Foundation Center for the Republic of China approved the sale of securities listed counters。
2008 GAO Wen-hong, chairman of the election before taking offic。
2009 Awarded the Certificate of Corporate Governance System CG6005 from the Taiwan Corporate Governance Association (TCGA)。

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